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Bruker S1 Sorter Positive Material Identification PMI Gun Excellent Working Condition! The S1 SORTER is a valueoriented product purposebuilt for the metals market.

S1 SORTER Technology you can trust at a price you can afford In the businesscritical area of handheld XRF technology, Bruker aims not only The S1 SORTER Benefits Excellent value Entrylevel XRF gun Supports numerous applications and calibrations, such as scrap metal sorting, positive material identification (PMI), and much more Find Bruker AXS S1 SORTER Forums, Questions, Troubleshooting, Discussions at LabWrench Productivity, Performance, and Flexibility Handheld Xray Spectrometry The innovators in handheld XRF Bruker AXS S1 SORTER Forums, Questions, Discussions and Help LabWrench LabSpeed AddIn for Bruker AXS S1 SORTER and S1 TURBO handheld XRF analyzers Its FREE for Bruker product owners!

Get Support and info on your specific machine, presorted for you. Access training videos, machine manuals, software updates and more. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals E sta b lish e d 1 9 8 1. Bruker AXS Handheld Inc S1 TRACER User Manual Issued: 608 Supersedes: New i Caution: XRay Radiation Bruker AXS Handheld manufactures an XRF analyzer, designated as the S1 TRACER, which contains an Xray tube.

It is registered with the United States (sorting) S1 SORTER. Find answers to your Bruker product questions. Documents, software updates, and FAQ's are located in the left menu.

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Its FREE for Bruker product owners! Product Finder; FAQs; Please Select Your Equipment. Jump to a product line. Xray Diffraction. XRay Spectrometry. Chemical Crystallography. Biological Crystallography. S1 TITAN LE, SP. S1 TURBO. S1 SORTER. Automated Atomic Force Microscopy In the businesscritical area of handheld XRF technology, Bruker aims not only to be the best, but also to deliver the best value.

Our S1 SORTER is the ideal solution for businesses looking to compete in tough economic times. S1 Sorter Specifications Overview The S1 SORTER, a valueoriented product purposely built for the metals industry, is the top solution for analyzing standard alloys like hightemperature alloys, stainless steel, low alloy steels, bronzes, brasses, and other cobalt, nickel, and copperbased alloys.