Diamond selector 2 owners manual

The only diamond tester made in Japan. The most reliable name for 10 years. Can distinguish diamond from white corundum and YAG. Buzzer alerts you when the probe tip touches metal.

When operating Diamond Selector Il, use battery type 006P 9V. Lid of the Battery Compartment (6) can easily be slid off by pushing it in the direction of arrow. 2.

Input selector switch (2 channel 4 channel) Adjustable Bass EQ (45Hz: 0dB to 12dB) for both front and rear channels Full range, line Jul 18, 2016 Diamond Selector II 2 Diamond tester testing review with detecting find and personal updates!

Jiggs Outdoors I bought this Diamond selector II 2 to check if the stones in the ring I found Repeatedly testing the same stone warms it until, eventually, a diamond will no longer read diamond. If this happens wait 2 to 3 minutes for the stone to cool down. If this happens wait 2 to 3 minutes for the stone to cool down. Diamond Selector 2 Instruction Manual.

Diamond tester instruction manuals. DIAMOND. TESTER INSTRUCTION MANUALSBUY NOW: CLICK ON THE PICTUREInstruction manuals. A Lapidary's Manual 2nd Edition. Oris Nelson Diamond Detective Culti diamond Selector 2 tester. Gemoro Ultra diamond tester. How to Use a Diamond d'emploi Etiquette\ Diamond Selector II. doc DIAMOND SELECTOR II AF 143. 280 INSTRUCTION MANUAL LIST OF PARTS 1) Probe 2) Level meter 3) Power Switch Level meter volume 4) Battery Lamp 5) Ready Lamp 6) Battery Compartment Download Diamond Selector 2 Instruction Manual.

0 Comments Peterson Auto. Strobe 4. ST instruction manualpeterson 4. Borehole preparation For use in case of: diamond cored boreholes, holes filled with standing water and or under water applications, observe the following steps prior to the borehole cleaning procedure. Oct 15, 2013 Diamond selector 2 Perbedaan Kaca, Imitasi, sintetis dan Batu dengan Diamond Selector II Duration: 2: 05.

Apud Husni 9, 993 Best Electronic Diamond Testers Review by iGem Instruments 2. SincetheDiamond Selector II Diamond selector 2 owners manual electric circuits, never attempt to open anything except the lid of the Battery Compartment @. Diamond Line 2 amplifiers as well as new customerservice contact information for Europe and the AsiaPacific regions.

In addition, the manual has been streamlined and the table A plugin output port selector lets you choose either or both secondary outputs.

Diamond Line series amplifier modules may be installed in Diamond Tester With Ultraviolet Light Diamond Selector JEM IIJEM II Diamond Tester.

Features: Equipped with ultraviolet light to test flourescent reaction of stones. Flexible calibration with multi Level Volume to match different sizes of stones.