Primary manual 2 lesson 28

LDS. org Primary 2, Lesson 28: I Can Be Kind THE GOOD SAMARITAN I love how in the lesson it has incorporated the map so I've enlarged it and you can get this poster printed for just a few dollars at Staples as an engineer print.

Jul 12, 2012  Primary 2 Lesson 28 Primary 2 Manual. Lesson 28. I Can Be Kind. Journal Page Print it here: Good Samaritan Coloring Page from the September 2007 Friend here: Good Samaritan Flannel Board Story KINDNESS: Primary CTRA, Lesson 28, Primary 2 manual, I Can Be Kind, Primary Lesson Helps, family home evening, Sunday Savers book or CDROM Find this Pin and more on LDS CTRA Primary Lesson Helps Primary 2 Manual Sunday Savers Lesson Ideas Gospel Grab Bag by MARY H.

ROSS. Lesson 28: I Can Be KindPrimary 2: Choose the Right A Lesson 28 I Can Be Kind CTRA, Ages 47 Use For: Sunday School Primary Lesson, Family Home Evening, Sharing Time TO FIND LESSON: Present Lesson 28 Primary 2 Manual CTRA: I Can Be Kind. OBJECTIVE: The lesson helps Lesson. Remember, the purpose of teaching Primary 2 Lesson 28: I Can Be Kind is to encourage kindness. Teaching Thoughts. These are a few bonus thoughts keep scrolling for more! Use these Good Samaritan cutouts to tell the story you could even send some home with your class so they can tell the story to their families.

; Print the Lesson 28 147 2. Help the children sing or say the words to Kindness Begins with Me (Childrens Songbook, p. 145). I want to be kind to evryone, For that is right, you see. Jul 13, 2012  Primary 2 Lesson 29 Primary 2 Manual.

Lesson 29. I Can Be a Good Example. Journal Page Print it here: Primary 2 Lesson 29; Primary 2 Lesson 28; Primary 2 Lesson 27; Brady and Emily Sr. Prom Pictures; Senior Prom Pictures 2012; Motivational Monday: " The Grumble Family" 10. Write 10 things about the gospel you LDS Lesson helps and handouts for Primary manual 2 lesson 28 2: CTR A. Chicken Scratch N Sniff.

Home; This year Junior Primary will be studying LDS Primary 2: Choose the Right A. LDS lesson helps and handouts for Primary 2 Lesson 28: I Can Be Kind.

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Story and Discussion (David and Allison): As you discuss the story from the lesson manual Parent Note: For primary teachers teaching Primary 2 lesson 27