Pericatheter urethrogram procedure manual template

IT Policy and Procedure Manual Page iii of iii 5. Once you have finished work on the template, delete the first three pages of the document. 6. Retrograde pericatheter urethrography (RPU) technique and its clinical use after urethroplasty: A single center experience RPU was successful in all our patients and no complications arising from the procedure were recorded.

S. O. Ikuerowo, T. E. Akintomide, J. O. EshoRetrograde pericatheter urethrogram for the postoperative Urethrography refers to the radiographic study of the urethra using iodinated contrast media and is generally carried out in males. local anaesthetic helps to relax the sphincter as the patient may contract it during the procedure thus leading to a diagnosis of a stricture; pericatheter urethrogram (Normal) Case 8: pericatheter Pericatheter urethrogram (PUG) has been found to be a useful assessment tool after endoscopic urethral realignment or open urethroplasty prior to Feb 14, 2014 my doc wants to perform a pericatheter RUG (retrograde urethrogram); the 'pericatheter' is making me question the coding i've chosen and.

Pericatheter urethrogram was performed in redo and complex cases. Patient is on low dose oral antibiotics for 4 weeks. Some primary cases with poor urethral plates required a twostage approach with graft inserted as dorsal inlay in the second stage. Various procedures based on external compression for performing RUG have been described (, 4, 7), but the most widely used involves placing a Foley catheter in the distal urethra to help retain contrast material after filling the anterior urethra with a 50mL syringe (conventional method) (, 1,8).

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