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KeyView Smartype Keyboard With Display Screen Heres Lookin at It. By Paul B. Wordman on September 6, 2012 3: 59 pm. Print Email. Comments 0. You may know Dov Moran, or at least know of him. He was the chairman and founder of MSystems, the company that created the DiskOnChip and DiskOnKey, and which was later sold to SanDisk. smartype. By Anouk Lorie March 10, 2013. Get our weekly highlights directly in your inbox!

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Smartype revolutionary smart keyboard In 2007, the IVA (Israel Venture Association) awarded Dov Moran the Israeli HiTech award as Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2012 Moran was awarded the prestigious Edward Rheine Award for inventing the USB Flash Drive. SmartType Keyboard Wont Let you Miss a Word. The Founder and President of KeyView the company behind Smartype is Mr. Dov Moran (the inventor of the USB flash drive and CEO of Msystems which was sold to Sandisk for 1. 6 billion dollars back in 2006).

This is just one of Morans startup projects in recent years, some have not been as The smart keyboard set to revolutionize your typing experience despite the fact that it was designed to optimize the movement of the letter hammers striking the ink ribbon in a manual typewriter and has nothing to do with efficient typing. Gadgets, Technology, Dov Moran, Smartype. More about Gadgets. New smart headphones let you Sep 05, 2012 The Israeli inventor Dov Moran has managed to invent an invention from nothing, USB.

And now he was able to invent something that already exists, the keyboard display" the smartype. " Dov Moran's KeyView unveils smart keyboard. Dov Moran today unveiled smartype, new type of keyboard with a sophisticated builtin display, developed by Aug 29, 2012  KeyView, headed by Dov Moran, offers a solution to these difficulties for the first time.

The patent protected smartype incorporates an advanced embedded display that Dov Morans startup Keyview created the Smartype, a smart keyboard with a builtin display screen Despite opining that the hightech here [in Israel isnt at its best, he reckons it Aug 29, 2012 No pricing details have been revealed, though KeyView, which was founded by DiskOnKey inventor Dov Moran, says that the device is already available in Israel, with an international launch" planned Keyview Tech, a company based in Israel and launched by MSystems founder Dov Moran, says it can reinvent the keyboard.

The Smartype still has a QWERTY keyboard, but adds on a configurable screen. Dov Moran is the founder of MSystems, the company that created the USB Flash Drive (DiskOnKey) and went on to sell it for 1. 6 billion to SanDisk; he created modu, which made modular cellular devices a reality and sold it to Google for 4.

9 million; and, most recently, Comigo, to develop an Androidbased TV platform and Smartype, which